THE SERPENT Exclusive Clip: Guns And Cars, Cars And Guns!

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THE SERPENT Exclusive Clip: Guns And Cars, Cars And Guns!
Gia Skova's indie action flick The Serpent is out now from Vertical Entertainment. If you have not checked it out yet and need a little incentive perhaps this exclusive clip will prompt you to check it out.
Agent Lucinda Kavsky is highly trained and one of the CIA’s most lethal weapons. When she’s given a special assignment that takes a disastrous turn, she comes to find out she is being set up by her own agency. As she unravels their horrendous plot, she uncovers a web of lies and secrecy that expose a massive conspiracy.
I watch this clip and all I am thinking about is my day job, looking at that classic Benz get shot at. On one hand I'm thinking, damn thing is a luxery tank, on the other I'm thinking, that is going to be a pain in the ass to find parts for after this shootout is done. 
Check it out for yourself. 
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