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RLJE Films is releasing Stephen Kijak's drama/comedy Shoplifters of the World on DVD and Blu-ray today. We have two Blu-rays to give away to our readers in the U.S. Look below for your chance to win a copy this week.
In the Summer of 1987, four friends, reeling from the sudden break-up of the iconic British band The Smiths, embark on a night out of partying to mourn their musical loss. At the same time, an impassioned Smiths fan takes a local radio DJ hostage at gunpoint and forces him to play nothing but Smiths tracks. With the radio station playing as the soundtrack to their night, the friends go on a wild journey of self-discovery that will transform them forever. Featuring an incredible soundtrack – including 20 songs from The Smiths – Shoplifters of the World is a glorious ode to the craziness of the ‘80s and the power of music to change people’s lives.
Written and directed by Stephen Kijak (We Are X, Sid & Judy), SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD stars Helena Howard (Amazon’s "The Wilds," Madeline's Madeline), Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood, Showtime's "The Good Lord Bird"), Elena Kampouris (Children of the Corn, “Sacred Lies”), Nick Krause (Boyhood, The Descendants), James Bloor (Nat Geo’s “Barkskins”), with Thomas Lennon (“Reno 911!,” Night at the Museum) and Joe Manganiello (HBO’s “True Blood," Magic Mike, Archenemy).
To enter our giveaway is simple. Answer our fact finding question below. Email us here when you have the answer. This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and is limited to one entry per household. Ready? 
There is not a whole lot of trivia about this movie so let's go with the band of focus, The Smiths. When and where did The Smiths perform their first gig? I'm looking for the date, the city and the venue of their first gig. 
When you have the answer to this fact finding question email us here with your answer. We want to get copies out to our winners quickly so we will take qualifying entries up until Friday, June 4th at Noon PST. 
Good luck to all who enter. 
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