MACABRO: International Premiere of Trailer For Brazilian Horror From ELITE SQUAD Producers, Heading to EFM

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MACABRO: International Premiere of Trailer For Brazilian Horror From ELITE SQUAD Producers, Heading to EFM
Marcos Prado's second feature film, the Brazilian horror flick Macabro, from the producers of Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad), Zazen Produções and Querosene Filmes is headed to EFM, under the care of our friends in the Argentine sales group Filmsharks. 
We are such good friends with Filmsharks that they have graced us with the task of hosting the international premiere of the trailer for Macabro. As well, they sent over a plethora of stills from the production. I have built a gallery that showcases some of the impressive visuals that Prado and his team achieved for this film, and a number of stills highlighting the horror. 
During the 1990s, two brothers were accused of murdering eight women, a man and a child in “Sierra de los Órganos”, a Brazilian region. In the eyes of the suspects, Sergeant Téo realizes that the judgment from the press, police and the local society is fundamentally racist, and he begins to have doubts about the conviction of one of them. Based on a true story; the film is a work of fiction about the famous case of the "Necrophil Brothers".
I caught Macabro when it played at MotelX last year, and you could immediately sense the scale of production was massive, by LatAm terms, and the pedigree behind the film was definitely a factor. It had some of the most impressive visuals I'd seen all year in genre cinema. You can see for yourself in the massive gallery below.
Macabro won the Audience Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival for Best Film and the Best Film award at the Austin Film Festival in the Dark Matters section.
Cast includes Renato Góes, Amanda Grimaldi, Guilherme Ferraz, Diego Francisco, Eduardo Tomaz, Juliana Schalch, Flávio Bauraqui, and Paulo Reis.

MACABRO TRAILER V5 LEGENDADO from Zazen Produções on Vimeo.

MACABRO TEASER LEGENDADO from Zazen Produções on Vimeo.

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