Crowdfund This: COMMANDO NINJA II: INVASION AMERICA. John's Back, But so Are The Commies!

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Crowdfund This: COMMANDO NINJA II: INVASION AMERICA. John's Back, But so Are The Commies!
The filmmakers behind 80s beefcake throwback Commando Ninja are back, planning a new chapter in their humorous and ultra violent action adventures, Commando Ninja II: Invasion America
They look to be playing on good old Cold War era fear that enemy forces would invade 'Murica and the slew of films that came with it. Invasion USA and Red Dawn come to mind. Rambo III comes to mind with the return to Vietnam.
They have launched a crowdfunding campaign and its off to a roaring start. The production's aim is loftier this time around too, opting to shoot on location in Utah and Thailand, trying to eliminiate as much use of greenscreen as possible. They're also hoping to go 100% practical in camera effects this time as well.
Take a look at the videos below. First you will find the prequel short film, Hopkins. Second is the first Commando Ninja film. And third, the trailer. Kind of anti-climatic or redundant, sure, but what the hell. If you like what you see then consider chipping in to the project
1988, Communists have been planning to invade America for the past 10 years, hiding entire divisions underneath major cities, moving through the sewer network, and infiltrating into the population! Nobody can believe it!
Today is the 4th of July, the day they have chosen to launch their operation.
Hopkins is gonna have to rally the team, John, Kowalsky and Jenny to fight back, and destroy the evil at its source, the house of the rising sun, VIETNAM! When America is under Attack, When Governments can't help, if you find them, maybe you can Hire them :
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