MINOR PREMISE Clip: Don't Drink and Put Yourself Under a Mind-Altering Machine

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MINOR PREMISE Clip: Don't Drink and Put Yourself Under a Mind-Altering Machine

We all know that we should never text or call or leave voicemails with people, late at night, after we've been drinking. Well, we should also not set up complicated programs and get under a machine that will alter the chemistry of our brains if we're drunk (maybe not even if we're sober). In an exclusive clip from the upcoming sci fi thriller Minor Premise, our intrepid scientist does just that, in the moment when the audience is likely saying either to themselves or out loud to the screen, 'Dude, you do not want to do that.' But of course, we really do want him to.

Attempting to surpass his father's legacy and pressured by an old colleague (Dana Ashbrook of Twin Peaks), a reclusive neuroscientist becomes entangled in his own risky experiment. Ethan (Sathya Sridharan) has now locked himself in his home with his ex-girlfriend Allie (Paton Ashbrook) and the two navigate trauma, ambition, and missteps of the past. Diving headfirst into the uncharted equations of the brain, they realize that there is more at stake than just their relationship or Ethan’s reputation. With time quickly running out, he is forced to face off against the darker sides of himself while frantically attempting to solve an enigma that lies within his subconscious.

This kind of sci fi that goes deep into the scariest place of all - the human mind - offers a lot for directors, actors, and the design team to bring their elements togethers, and Minor Premise seems to be belying its title to bring us that terrifying depth that lurks in all of us, waiting in its proverbial dark corner to be unleashed. Check out the clip and a few choice production stills below.

Minor Premise will be released in theatres, virtual cinemas, and VOD on December 4th.

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