SLEEZE LAKE Trailer: The Greatest Party You Never Heard Of

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SLEEZE LAKE Trailer: The Greatest Party You Never Heard Of

"Set among the foggy memories and ephemera of the world's largest custom van club, Sleeze Lake tells the story of a wild van party thrown in the middle of a fictitious resort town and the people who dreamt it up."

The automobile has always been deeply embedded in the American psyche and culture, what was a stand-in for 'freedom,' of the open road, and the (in all bluntness, generally White) American experience. Sleeze Lake promises to make an interesting companion piece (the Fubar version) to Jennifer Bruder's non-fiction book, Nomadland, which journals the 21st century version of the subculture, and is currently getting its own big screen treatment from The Rider director Chloé Zho.

Andrew J. Morgan and Nic Nummerdor's documentary reminisces on a city of vans, debauchery, and summertime anarchy that sprung up on Memorial Day weekend in 1977; what one of the participants refers to as "the Woodstock of Van-Culture." It certainly revels in its celebration of lowlifes living their best life.

Have a look at the trailer below.

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