Don't You Dare Mess With These Nurses, in First Trailer for 12 HOUR SHIFT

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Don't You Dare Mess With These Nurses, in First Trailer for 12 HOUR SHIFT

One of the many films that we're sad not to be seeing on the big screen at Tribeca film fest due to the current pandemic is the sophomore feature from director/writer Brea Grant, 12 Hour Shift. Most of us are familiar with Grant from her acting work in Beyond the Gates, After Midnight,  and Dexter, and it's always nice to see a seasoned actor get behind the camera. And Grant, being no stranger to black comedy or horror, has whipped up what looks like an approrpiately gory and weirdly hilarious film.

Nurse Mandy (Angela Bettis, May) is desperate to make it through her double shift without incident. This is particularly hard to do when you’re an addict and are also involved in a black market organ-trading scheme. When her hapless but dangerous cousin Regina (Chloe Farnworth) messes up a kidney delivery, chaos descends on the Arkansas hospital as Mandy and Regina frantically try to secure a replacement organ through any means necessary. Things grow increasingly complicated when injured convict Jefferson (David Arquette, You Cannot Kill David Arquette) is brought in, and events spiral even further out of control.

The trailer is all images and creepy music, letting us piece those together with the synopsis and come to the conclusion that we need this film in our eyeballs very soon. Enjoy.

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