AN EVIL TALE Trailer: Evil Dolls Doing What Evil Dolls Do, Now on Digital

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AN EVIL TALE Trailer: Evil Dolls Doing What Evil Dolls Do, Now on Digital
Why dolls have not been ruled out of our lives already is beyond me. There must be some powerful doll lobbyists, hushing any uprising against these vessels of evil. The general rule of thumb here should be, open a trunk, find some dolls, burn the dolls. Kill them with fire!
Seriously, you get rid of dolls, you save the World from a whole heap of trouble. And, you stop giving little girls the idea early on in their developement that their only pupose on Earth is to care for other children. Yeah, why not go beyond what is neccessary for an trailer article and bring up gender politics while we're at it.
{And breathe)
Wild Eye Releasing has put out Sam Siragusa’s indie horror An Evil Tale on digital platforms and they sent along the official trailer for you to have a look at. Check it out below. 
Now available On Demand, writer-director Sam Siragusa’s An Evil Tale pits an unsuspecting family against an ancient evil that has surrounded their home.
A family discovers they are the victim of a centuries old curse when a rare relic is discovered near their home. They must join forces with a paranormal investigator to battle this evil force that has possessed everything around them.
Kelly Riese, Kurt Mullins, Dina Najjar, Duncan Jay, and Karen Scheafer star in An Evil Tale, now available on digital platforms via Wild Eye Releasing.
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