Morbido y El Studio Form The Spanish Armada of Genre Everything in New Initiative

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Morbido y El Studio Form The Spanish Armada of Genre Everything in New Initiative
Mi Padre de terror, Pablo Guisa, told me that big news was coming today and ay, this is muy grandes noticias. 
Variety came with news that Guisa's Grupo Morbido in Mexico and Trans-Atlantic production company El Studio will combine their powers to create an expansive genre, horror and fantasy production initiative for the Spanish-speaking world. Indeed it will be the Spanish Armade of Genre Everything! 
The goal will be to promote, cultivate and distribute LatAm genre content into Spain, South and Central America, and the U.S. Generally, if there is a Spanish-speaking demographic somewhere this new initiative wants to get content (movies, series, comics and graphic novels) out to you sometime soon.
(Canada: Hola?) 
Trans-Atlantic Spanish-language production powerhouse El Estudio and Mexico’s Morbido Group have joined forces in the largest genre, horror and fantasy production initiative in the Spanish-speaking world.
Feature films, series, remakes and reboots of classic IP and even unscripted programming are all part of the plan going forward for El Estudio and Morbido. Already, the companies have one series, three films and a talk show in development which they will announce in the coming months.
Production is hardly the endgame for the two companies, however, as they will look to change the genre industry on a fundamental level. Other initiatives include consolidating theatrical distribution circuits across South and Central America, supporting industry acceleration hubs, producing local events in major Latin American countries, talent management, a comic book/graphic novel division and expanding the Morbido brand into Spain and the U.S.  
Guisa of course runs the Morbido empire out of Mexico. From the very popular film festival in October to a subscription TV channel, radio show and film label Morbido does it all. Morbido also has production incentives at Blood Window in Argentina and recently at Sanfic in Chile. 
“For me, after 14 years of hard work building the Morbido Brand, this alliance is the next logical and necessary step to keep a steady growth, consolidate the genre industry in Latam and assure the brand becomes global.” said Guisa.
El Studio was launched at Berlin and will be run by Canana producer-partner Pablo Cruz (Miss Bala), Morbido alumni, producer Enrique López Lavigne (Veronica, Oepn Windows and 28 Weeks Later) and former Sony Pictures Intl. Prods. head Diego Suárez Chialvo (Veronica and The Pact). 
“For me, as a producer, filmmaker and spectator of the fantastic genre, the possibility of developing. in the years to come along with Pablo Guisa and his Grupo Morbido, of which we are now part of, all the genre cinema that is made in Spain and Latin America is a very exciting and ambitious project which I don’t intend to evade, It’s a life project,” said Lopez in a statement.
Cruz added: “The world of genre needs a push in Latin America and for it to be connected with Spain and the U.S. Hispanics in something that is seen in both continents, united by their culture and language. Pablo Guisa is a titan in the genre space, and it is great news that we can work together and explore this market that has a great future.”
Pictured: (left to right) Pablo Guisa, Diego Suárez Chialvo, Enrique López Lavigne, Pablo Cruz. 
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