VISE Trailer Lets a Mad Beautician on the Loose

Contributing Writer; Belgium (@BelgianFilmBuff)
VISE Trailer Lets a Mad Beautician on the Loose

Following a world-premiere at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival last summer, Shimizu Yasuhiko’s Vise is ready for festival expansion in 2020.

Shimizu’s debut feature centers on Manriki (Saitoh Takumi), a beautician with a dubious moral compass who deploys unconventional methods of plastic surgery and facial reconfiguration.

Often stylishly shot, Vise is a madcap black horror-comedy full of surreal flourishes yet not devoid of meaning. Those willing to dip below the surface will find a tongue-in-cheek take on obsession with youth and the folly of trying to adhere to unrealistic beauty standards.

Check the international trailer below and remember to be careful what you wish for ...

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