Friday One Sheet: GREED Is Good

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Friday One Sheet: GREED Is Good

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the tagline of the year, "The Devil Is In The Retail."  Michael Winterbottom's stylized take-down of the fashion retail industry (by way of planning and throwing a megalomaniac-vanity party) may have had some woes in getting released intact (sadly, that story is here), however, like Steve Coogan's ever-present pearly-white teeth in the film, Greed is still beaming and ready to make some noise. It is as relevant (and irreverent) as The Big Short, while still being kissing cousin with Winterbottom's 2002 break out hit, 24 Hour Party People.

This poster is anything but meek.  It is weaponized Orange & Teal, with the his fashion moguls spray on tan and the azure Greek Ocean reflected in his mirror shades. On the other hand, the boorish Brits in the sun aesthetic reminds me slightly of Jonathan Glazer's Sexy Beast. Fine company.

This being a British Quad style poster, the designer (whose name I could not track down, alas) takes full advantage of emphasizing the awkwardly exposed shoulders and upper torso, adding an extra morsel of brazen humour to the design.

But that tagline is worth bringing to your attention. Bravo, tagline copywriter, you are my hero for today. Bravo.


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