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Morbido 2019 banner.jpgIt's the most wonderful time, of my year. In less than two weeks we return to CDMX and Morbido Film Fest to celebrate their twelfth year, taking to the high seas with this year's water theme, bringing local and international genre cinema to Mexico. 
The festival announced their complete lineup yesterday and there is a terrific mix of local and international titles. 
Ant Timpson's Come To Daddy has been shredding up the festival circuit and we cannot see what the local audience makes of Lijo Jose Pellissery's Jallikattu. We guarantee that Edgar Nito's award winning flick The Gasoline Thieves will be a sell out show this year. The better question is how many viewers are going to leave the screening of Ping Lumpraploeng's The Pool scarred for life? 
There are a couple titles we will be able to catch up on since we saw them as works in progresses around this time last year at a Latin American film market. Panamanian horror flick Red Devil PTY and Argentenian horror flick Kill The Dragon will play at the festival in their completed formats. Mexican horror flick The Devil Told Me What to Do was also playing at that market but we did not get a chance to see it. 
Richard Elfman returns to Morbido with his new film, the world premiere of Aliens, Clowns & Geeks (Richard wrote us to let us know that the title for the Morbido audience will be Payasos, Marcianos y la Chingadera Misteriosa). That promises to be a bonkers, good time. Another Morbido alumnus Adrián García Bogliano (It counts!!! So what if he lives there and works for Morbido!!!) will present his latest film Black Circle/Svart Cirkel. Also returning to the festival is our friend Gigi Saul Guerrero, taking time off from her rise up the horror charts to present her Into the Dark film Culture Shock. Then there is the very exciting news that musician Simon Boswell will be returning to Morbido to perform a special concert of music from Jorodowsky's film Santa Sangre the same night the film has its restoration premiere. Anastasia Elfman will also be performing a horror burlesque during the Jorodowsky tribute. 
We have all this year's lineup in a splendid gallery below. There are also a slew of short films playing at the festival this year. So numerous to count they don't fit the gallery format so we're going to list them here. Note that our own Izzy Lee's The Obliteration of the Chickens is playing at the festival, which also makes her a returning almunus of the festival. 
Latin American Short Films Selection 
Above & Below / J. Xavier Velasco / Mexico / 2019 
Walker, Walker: The legend of Huay Chivo / Luis Quijano / Mexico / 2018 
Clickbait / Carlos Meléndez / Mexico / 2018 
Contagium / Lucio Rojas / Chile / 2019 
Dead Nature / Juan Enrique Villarreal / Mexico / 2018 
On the Other Side / Facundo Nuble / Argentina / 2019
Diabla / Amanda Singer / Mexico / 2019 
Sleeping Child / Freddy Chavez Olmos / Mexico-Canada / 2019 
El Cazo / Vadir Sotelo / Mexico / 2019 
Encerrada / Mateo Miranda Magis / Mexico / 2019 
Fury / Paulette Lecaros / Chile / 2019
Hideouser and Hideouser / Aria Covamonas / Mexico / 2019
The Children Will Die / Bernardo Brostein / Argentina / 2019 
Lapsus / Chiva FM / Mexico / 2019
La Solapa / Laura Sanchez Acosta / Argentina 
Limbus / Ruben Zuñiga / Mexico / 2019
What is hidden by darkness / Romeo Lopez Aldana / Guatemala 
Maraña / Brisa P. Sánchez / Mexico / 2019 
Mata al Niño / Juan Pablo Villavicen cio / Mexico / 2019 
Mateo / Fernando PerezGil / Mexico / 2019 
Phaenicia / Alberto Ordaz / Mexico / 2019 
Cousins ​​/ Federico Gutierrez Abeso / Mexico / 2019 
What will dragons see in girls like me / Gerard Mates / Mexico / 2019 
Sed / Michael Milies García / Chile / 2019 
Vortex / Mauricio Kuri / Mexico / 2019 
Foreign Short Film Selection 
A Little Taste / Victor Català / Spain / 2019 
Bitter was the Dessert / Diego H. Katarniuk / Spain / 2019 
Another / Park Yeon / Korea / 2019 
Bad Hair / Oskar Lehemma / Estonia / 2019 
Best Friends Forever / Emily Gagne, Joshua Korngut / Canada / 2018 
Between / María Castillo / Spain / 2019 
Black Moon / Ryan Graff / Canada / 2019 
Budfoot / Tim Reis, James Sizemore / USA / 2019 
Home / Alberto Eveangelio / Spain / 2019 
Changeling / Faye Jackson / RU / 2019 
Chicken of the Dead / Julien David / France / 2019 
Diddi Wa Diddie / Joshua Erkman / USA / 2019 
Hacked / Erick Delgado / Canada / 2019 
Häuschen - A Herança / Paulo AM Oliveira, Pedro Martins / Portugal / 2019 
Hopes / Raùl Monge / Spain / 2019 
Imagine a World / Joanna Tsanis / Canada / 2019 
In Sound, We Live Forever / Joshua Giuliano / USA / 2018 
Lane 9 / Jessica Valentine & Richard Valentine / USA / 2019 
La Last Christmas of the Universe / David Muñoz and Adrián Cardona 
Lay them Straight / Robert Deleskie / Canada / 2018 
Love Bite / Charles de Lauzirka / USA / 2018 
Monsters Walking / Diego Porral / Spain / 2018 
Make Me a Sandwich / Denman Hatch / Canada / 2019 
My Name is Koji / David Muñoz / Spain / 2019 
One Last Meal / Jill Gevargizian / USA / 2019 
Night Crawl / Gregory Shultz / USA / 2019 
99.9% / Achille Marciano / Italy / 2019 
Picnic / Micheael Pinkney, Michael Reich / USA / 2019 
Playtime's Over / Tony Reames / USA / 2019 
Pleased to Eat You! / Adrian Hedgecock / UK / 2019 
Please Speak Continuously And Describe Your Experiences As They Come To You / Brandon Cronenberg / Canada / 2019 
Repent / Alan Ou / China / 2019 
Schism / Andrew Todd, Johnny Hall / New Zealand / 2019 
Shadow At The Door / Roshni Bhatia / USA / 2019 
Skeleton in The Closet / Tomi Malkki / Finland / 2019 
Stalag III-C / Jason Rogan / USA / 2019 
The Boogeywoman / Ercia Scoggins / USA / 2019 
The Cunning Man / Zoë Dobson / England / 2019 
The Death Vendor / Jinkyu Jeon / Japon / 2019 
The Fortune Teller / David Ferino / USA / 2019 
The Knowledge / Alexander Osman / USA / 2019 
The Loop / Rich Ragsdale / USA / 2019
The Obliteration of the Chickens / Izzy Lee / USA / 2019 
The Rejected / Onur Dogan / Turkey / 2019 
The Spirits of Cairn / Shinobu Soejima / Korea / 2019 
Tic / Ben Nicholas / United States / 2019 
Together / Ryan Oksenberg / USA / 2019  
Translove Airways / Matthew Levin / USA / 2019 
Your Last Day on Earth / Marc Martínez Jordán / Spain / 201 9 
An Any Car / David Pérez Sañudo / Spain / 2019 
Unholy Mole / David Bornstein / USA / 2019 
Washed / Michael Bartolomeo / USA / 2019 
Mórbido Film Fest will be held from October 30 to November 3 in Mexico City.
CDMX, October 2019. This year, Morbido Film Fest celebrates its twelfth edition and has as its central theme, Water, because in some way Morbido is always attentive to what is happening in our environment. Likewise, fantasy and horror movies reflect the fears of society and what is happening. Without a dou bt water is today one of the most sensitive issues that causes migration and wars. At the same time water is very rich in a cinematic sense. We have movies that have to do with sea creatures, with issues that happen underwater, with natural disasters, and underwater worlds. Entire civilizations have developed thanks to water like ancient Egypt and our great Tenochtitlan. 
As every year we will have film premieres and guests that will make horror fans enjoy this festival. We started with an opening show on October 30th at the Esperanza Iris City Theater. There will be more than 45 artists on stage, including Paloma Ruiz de Alda, José Luis Badalt, Nohbords Contemporary Dance Group, Regina Orozco, Sonora Dinamita with Oscar Argaín and Drag Queens Eva Blunt, Barbara Durango and Iviza Lioza.
On Thursday, October 31st there will be the world premiere of the 4K remastering of Holy Blood, a film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, with performances by Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Guy Stockwell, Thelma Tixou, Sabrina Dennison, Adan Jodorowsky, Faviola Elenka Tapia, and Teo Jodorowsky. This year is its 30th anniversary.
In collaboration with the Cinematographic Training Center, the renowned writer, producer and director Gary Sherman will be present and will teach a master class in the “Luis Buñuel” room of the CCC. Through one of his most emblematic films Poltergeist III (1988), Sherman will guide us during his creation process and tell us how he and his team achieved the visual effects presented in the film. See how they managed to create phantasmagoric and unusual environments using mirrors and camera movements; since Sherman decided not to resort to the classic and widely used green screens to generate fascinating details and scenes using illusionism to transform cinematographic images. This master class is a unique opportunity to learn some of the secrets to perform special effects that translate into illusions and, which have gradually disappeared given the predilection of the directors for the visual effects made with computers.
During the night of the premiere of Santa Sangre on Friday, November 1st, a concert will be held at the Iris City Theater by composer Simon Boswell, who will perform the music of this film. Boswell is director, producer and British musician nominated for BAFTA, known mainly for combining electronic elements with orchestras and for having worked with some of the greatest genre film directors such as: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Clive Barker, Danny Boyle and Alex de la Iglesia.
This year, thanks to allies such as the Spanish Cultural Action State Society Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture, we have as guest the producer of “Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway” (Estonia, Spain) Sergio Uguet de Resayre and the director of "Paradise Hills" (USA), Alice Waddington.
There will also be:
The Devil Told Me What To Do
Dir: Alejandro G. Alegre, Mexico
Huachicolero / The Gasoline Thieves
Dir: Edgar Nito, Mexico
Dir: Juan Diego Escobar Alzate, Colombia
Kill The Dragon
Dir: Jimena Monteoliva, 
Cast: Cecilia Cartasegna, 
Producer: Florencia Franco Argentina 
Dir: Pablo Olmos Arrayales, Mexico 
Holy Blood 4K
Cast: Blanca Guerra, Adan Jodorowsky, Sergio Arau, Simon Boswell Composer, Mexico
René Cardona III (son of Rene Cardona Jr. RIP) , 
Cast: Hugo Stiglitz, Andrés García, Mexico
Aliens, Clowns & Geeks
Dir: Richard Elfman, 
Cast & Crew: Bodhi Elfman, Anastasia Elfman, Ego Plum USA 
Culture Shock
Dir: Gigi Saul Guerrero, USA
Death Line
Dir: Gary Sherman USA
Nail in the Coffin: The Fall And Rise of Vampiro
Cast: Ian Hodgkinson (Canadian Vampire), Canada 
Wild Session,
Producer: Enrique López Lavigne, Spain 
Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street
Cast: Mark Patton, USA
Svart Cirkel
Dir: Adrián García Bogliano, 
As every year the headquarters of Mórbido Film Fest are Cinepolis Diana, Autocinema Coyote, La Casa del Lago, Cinemanía, the Pushkin Garden and the Center of Digital Culture, located in the Estela de Luz.

Poster designed by Rafael Gallur

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