Miskatonic's Fall Schedule Includes THINGs, Exploding Dummies, Mexican Horror And The Proverbial Much, Much More

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Our friends at The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies have an amazing lineup of programs coming to their locations in Los Angeles, New York and London this coming Fall. 
With laser focus, the classes will cover a variety of topics, from an exploration of the narrative universe of The Thing, to the history of Mexican horror with mi hermano para une madre diferente, Abraham Castillo Flores, head programer at Morbido. Other topics include horror fandom, practical special-effects manniquins like that one used in Scanners, you know which one, psychadelic horror cinema, something called corridor gothic, lots and lots of Satan, and crime-solving plants. 
The exhaustive list of all classes from all three locations are listed below in the gallery. 
The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, the world’s longest-running educational organization devoted to the study of horror history, theory and production, is pleased to announce its Fall 2019 lineup of classes, led by some of the genre world’s most renowned critical, literary and filmmaking luminaries at all three of our branches. 
In addition to Lisa Petrucci’s previously-announced class on exploitation pioneers Roberta Findlay and Doris Wishman, Miskatonic unleashes a heady fall semester that includes bad trips, horticultural horror, Mexican horror, corridors in horror, Satan in film and literature, adaptations and mutations of The Thing, the German Edgar Wallace “Krimi” film, and career talks by filmmakers Karen Arthur, Gary Sherman and multi-media artist Penny Slinger. We’ll even take a nostalgic and critical look at the evolution of the horror fan onscreen, with special guest Dean Cameron, beloved to horror fans for his role as “Chainsaw” in Carl Reiner’s Summer School (1987).
As with our last two Octobers, we’re partnering again with the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, and we’ve also got our first collaborations with the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Atlas Obscura, Mexico City’s Morbido Festival, our host venue the Philosophical Research Society, and the newly-christened Alamo Drafthouse Cinema LA, the latter for a special screening of Roberta Findlay’s 1985 sleaze-terpiece, TENEMENT.
All classes at our regular branches are stand-alone events (think a TED talk but with booze and horror!) though people can opt to buy a season pass for a discounted price on our website HERE. 
The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies – LA
Venue: The University of Philosophical Research
Address: 3910 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles 
Prices: $12 adv / $15 door | Season Pass for 6 classes: $50
The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies – NYC
Venue: Film Noir Cinema 
Address: 122 Meserole, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Prices: $12 adv / $15 door | Season Pass for 4 classes: $40
The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies – London
Venue: Horse Hospital
Address: Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London 
Prices: Reg events: £12 adv / £15 door | In Conversation Events: £17 adv / £20 door | Season Pass for 4 classes: £45


Something Weird Video’s Lisa Petrucci will lead a lively illustrated lecture on genre film mavericks Roberta Findlay and Doris Wishman, two larger-than-life ladies who were making sexploitation films at a time when it was not common for women to be behind the camera. We will look at their comparable trajectory from nudies and roughies in the 1960s to porn and horror films in the 1970s and 80s, as well as their unique and quirky vision and styles of filmmaking. Both lived in New York City during the mid-1960s, and worked with a lot of the same actresses. They both also used pseudonyms, initially not taking credit for their own films or involvement in making them. The class will begin with a visual overview of each of their careers through a clip and trailers video program, followed by an illustrated lecture about their sleazy and often unsettling subject matter, distinctly unique camerawork and artistic vision, and overall significance to exploitation film history. Doris and Roberta have publicly claimed to not have a feminist agenda (and verge on female misogyny with some of the things they’ve actually said and depicted in some films), but their overall oeuvres often speak otherwise, so we will examine and debate this. The class will conclude with a Q&A session.

Lisa prefers to keep things light so she will try to regale you with fun factoids and anecdotes from her years of being involved with Something Weird Video. There also may be a surprise guest speaker or two. And brace yourselves, all participants will receive a delightfully depraved FREE ARTIFACT – a genuine piece of sexploitation history from the Something Weird Archive that you will cherish for years to come!

This event is in collaboration with the UCLA Film and Television Archive‘s series Catch a Thrill! Celebrating Ten Years of the American Genre Film Archive, which runs July 12-Aug 17, 2019.

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