Fantaspoa 2019: Grief, Madness And Cosmic Horror Abound in THE FEAR OF LOOKING UP Trailer Premiere

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Fantaspoa 2019: Grief, Madness And Cosmic Horror Abound in THE FEAR OF LOOKING UP Trailer Premiere
Konstantinos Koutsoliotas's new flick The Fear of Looking Up will close this year's edition of the Fantaspoa film festival in Brazil.  Directing a screenplay he wrote with one of his stars from his debut feature film, The Winter's Theo Albanis, and reuinting with regular collaborator, Book of Bridie's Elizabeth E. Schuch, it looks like Koutsoliotas and company are going to take audiences on a emotional and spell-binding ride deep into cosmic horror. 
Screen Anarchy has been asked to premiere the trailer with you today and we could not be more pleased to support the team as they prepare to take this film out onto the festival circuit, staring with the world premiere at Fantaspoa on June 2nd. 
While chasing a serial killer inspired by the god of sleep, a cop’s life is overturned by the death of her lover. Looming monsters and the need for revenge cloud the border between her nightmares and reality.
The Fear of Looking Up is a female-driven revenge thriller with a twist, an exploration of grief, reality and dreams using the mechanics of a cop drama.  Inspired by a heady brew of H.P. Lovecraft style cosmic horror the film hints at unimaginable universes, blended with detective noir.
We are going to borrow the director's notes from the press kit to provide further context for Koutsoliotas' new film. Then head on down for a look at the trailer and a small selection of stills.
The Fear of Looking Up is a study in reality, dreams and imagination told through the prism of a genre film: part police thriller, part fantasy and very much a weird tale. We follow a character who is put through a set of difficult and tragic circumstances, the result of which is a slow unravelling of the mind - in which they catch glimpses of the greater universe beyond their narrow worldview. Starting with the familiar cliche of the detective stalking a serial killer - we abandon that familiar world to plunge into a story of grief and madness with cosmic horror echoes. 
The Fear of Looking Up stars Friday Chamberlain in her first lead role, Suzan Crowley, William Kalinak, Kathryn Haynes, and Tom Galassi.
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