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New, extended, trailer for Italian horror movie "Clara" is out!

Kim Sřnderholm
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New, extended, trailer for Italian horror movie "Clara" is out!

A new, longer, trailer for the latest movie by Italian moviemaker Francesco Longo, is out for his movie "Clara" The international cast of actors includes: Veronica Urban, Roberto Ramon, David White, Michael Segal, Charles Goodger, Giada Cameriere, Orfeo Orlando, Laura Spimpolo, Caterina Cioli, Aurora Elli, Elisa Russo, Tommaso Preda and Andrea Monari, Natasha Gosgnach, Alessandro Guarini, Sofia Bertocchi, Alice Ronsisvalle


Helen Ludovisi is a young British woman who inherits an old, abandoned villa called Palazzo Malvasia. It rises up in the countryside, not far from the city of Bologna in Italy. Local people commonly refer to the mansion as Villa Clara. So Helen decides to visit Italy with her boyfriend Jacob and three experts from the UK Ministry of Culture and Arts. They have arranged to meet a delegation from the Bologna cultural assets department to discuss and plan the villa’s restoration.


In the mid 19th century, the small daughter of the family, Clara was murdered and immured inside the villa by her father on account of her powers of clairvoyance. He believed these powers were the work of the devil. A shroud of fear envelops Villa Clara as people still believe it echoes with violence and brutality and that Clara’s ghost continues to wander among its walls.


However this legend doesn’t stop Helen and her team from carrying out a preliminary inspection of the villa before starting restoration works. One of the team disappears in strange circumstances forcing Helen, Jacob and the rest of the group to stay at the villa beyond dusk to retrieve their friend. 
After discovering they can’t get out of building, that they have been mysteriously locked in, they find themselves having to face the terrifying evils concealed in the depths of Villa Clara.


The horror film will be officially presented at the Creepy Crypt event in Berlin. It will be then be released to the public, available worldwide by home video and on-demand distributors.

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