CANDYMAN: AQUAMAN's Yahya Abdul-Mateen in Talks to Star as Ghostly Killer

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CANDYMAN: AQUAMAN's Yahya Abdul-Mateen in Talks to Star as Ghostly Killer
Variety broke news a short while ago that Aquaman`s Yahya Abdul-Mateen is in talks to take the villainous lead in the new Candyman movie, produced by Jordan Peele for MGM films. 
The studio is touting the upcoming film as a “spiritual sequel” to the original. It will return to the neighborhood where the legend began: the now-gentrified section of Chicago where the Cabrini-Green housing projects once stood. The original “Candyman” was released in 1992 and follows a graduate student who explores the legend of Candyman while writing a thesis on urban legends.
Abdul-Mateen, who portrayed the villainous Cadillac in Netflix’s “The Get Down,” will appear next in Peele’s thriller “Us.” He is also set to star in HBO’s “Watchmen” series.
Horror fans are fiercely loyal to their chosen brands. In this age of reboots, revamps and remakes, grassroot movements emerge to preserve the original films, calling upon the productions to recast the original stars in the titular roles. Candyman was no exception with such a movement starting immediately upon the announcement to cast the original Candyman, Tony Todd, in the role. Surely there will be sadness that Todd is not returning to resume the role. 
Last month Todd spoke with EW and said, “If this new one is successful, it will shed light back on the original. I think the subject matter is more important than any individuals. And I mean that.”
“I know he’s a fan,” Todd tells EW of Peele. “We’re waiting just like the rest of the world. I’m hoping I will appear in the film in some form of fashion. Wouldn’t that make sense? But it’s Hollywood, so I won’t take it personally if for some reason it doesn’t work out.”
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