Blood Window 2018: Market And Work in Progress Screenings Recap

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I have sat in and reported on Works in Progress sessions at film festivals. However, to date any of these sessions that I have attended have only shown snippets and clips of finished footage. I have never been able to sit through a workprint screening until I attended Blood Window. Here is to new experiences. Throughout the week WIP and Market screenings were scheduled at a separate cinema from the main venue and we tried to make it to as many screenings as we could.
We missed some just due to timing and scheduling conflicts. Then there were other days when the heavens opened and it rained gatos y perros, all day long. That day you always saw the multitude of attendees standing at the windows of the main venue, just staring outside in disbelief. Wanting to get to a screening I was standing outside with mi Padre de Terror, Morbido's Pablo Guisa Koestinger, looking for an opening in the downpour and he was simply too dashing and I was too suseptable to drowning to make a run for the cinema at the other end of the docks. To the screening library we went! 
Moving ahead, understand that these are not neccessarily reviews but impressions of the films in incomplete form.  Some films made bigger impressions than others, hence word count matters. And because the mindset of a film market is sales, sales, sales the further your film can get out unto the World the more people will see it, the greater the chances someone in that position will want to acquire or represent your film. So which of the films that I managed to see during my time at Blood Window have that international reach? 
Finally, as a film programmer for a smaller Canadian genre festival I also have to ask what is each film's potential to make it onto the festival circuit. As it stands all of these films, when complete, should play all the festivals on the Ibero-American circuit. Just how many of them though will reach beyond that into the international circuit remains to be seen. 
Have a look for yourself...

Matar el Dragon - I am not making excuses but I was not in the best of conditions to make Jimena Monteoliva's (Clementina) new film my first screening of the market on opening night. I had just arrived in Buenos Aires that morning, twenty-two hours or so after leaving my home in Toronto, and hotel check in was not until six hours later that day. I had to acclimatize to the sudden 25 degree jump in temperature. I'd already gotten lost near my hotel, then near the market venue later, because even though the water does not go down the drain in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere like legend says Google Maps kept sending me in the opposite direction. And I know I got hosed at the intercambia but at that point I didn't care. The first half of the day? Ungood.

We have already written about Jimena's upcoming film but let us recap. Elena was kidnapped when she was a child and some twenty-five years later she is reunited with her brother and his family. Unfortunately the evil that captured her in the first place wants her back and has taken great interest in her brother's family as well.

Jimena's personal motivation for her story telling and filmmaking is consistent with what compelled her when making Clementina. Yet, after watching Mater al Dragon I interpreted the metaphor differently. I am interested to know more about the nightmare that created this story in the first place, see where my interpretation of the metaphor aligns. I am concerned for Jimena that her intended subtext will not get through to her audience.

The distinction between the two worlds is clear, through light and color, through set and production design, and through character portrayal.

The film still has to go through post production and effects work that will make the dark world even darker. Thankfully, the project did win a visual effects package at the end of the market.

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