SILICONE SOUL: Watch This Exclusive Clip From Melody Gilbert Doc

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SILICONE SOUL: Watch This Exclusive Clip From Melody Gilbert Doc
Melody Gilbert's documentary Silicone Soul is having its East Coast premiere at the IFC Center on Saturday. 
While silicone dolls may never hit the mainstream recent attempts to do so have been met with some resistance. Recently, here in Toronto someone tried to launch a silicone doll brothel. The doors never opened. Understandably this was probably not the way to warm up the public to the idea of inanimate casual partners. 
Screen Anarchy has been given an exclusive clip to share with you today. Check it out below. 
Like a true-to-life version of the acclaimed indie hit LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, Melody Gilbert’s fascinating, offbeat and emotionally rich documentary SILICONE SOUL takes us into the unique lives of people engaged in personal relationships with lifelike silicone dolls.
Eschewing the usual navel gazing and salaciousness of previous documentaries, SILICONE SOUL gets deep to heart of what it means to be lonely, to feel loved, and ultimately, find happiness and contentment during these challenging times.
SILICONE SOUL will have its East Coast premiere on Saturday, November 10th at 9:15 p.m. at the IFC Center. Director Melody Gilbert will attend alongside key crew and subjects from the film.
Sales for the film are being handled by Diana Holtzberg of East Village Entertainment.
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