Watch Exclusive NATHAN'S KINGDOM Clip: Do Angels Exist?

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Watch Exclusive NATHAN'S KINGDOM Clip: Do Angels Exist?

Set to screen at the rapidly-approaching Heartland International Film Festival, Nathan's Kingdom is described as a "dark fantasy, coming-of-age drama." The 'dark fantasy' element is what especially tips it into our sphere of interest, and we have an exclusive clip that demonstrates the state of mind of our hero, Nathan, who definitely believes in angels.

Here's the official synopsis: "Nathan's Kingdom is a dark fantasy, coming-of-age drama about Nathan, a young autistic man struggling with his teenage opiate-addicted sister, Laura, and rather than surrendering to social services, they risk their lives to find a kingdom that once existed only in their imaginations.

"To cope with the hardships of a broken home, Nathan spent his younger years playing with his self-appointed best friend, Laura. Together, they invent a fictitious safe haven called 'The Kingdom' and promise each other to one day find it.

"Ten years go by and adulthood sets in. In an effort to save the only family he has, Nathan outmaneuvers social services and takes Laura on a mythical quest: battling monsters, enduring epic wars, and confronting an underground civilization of ghouls in hopes to find the Kingdom with the potential to transform their lives forever."

Madison Ford, Jacob Lince, Sarah Assumma, John Henry and Peter Mendoza star; Olicer Muñoz wrote and directed. Lince, by the way, "is one of the first autistic actors with a lead role in a narrative feature," according to official verbiage, so that makes the film notable as well.

For those heading to the Heartland fest in Indianapolis, Indiana, here is screening information for Nathan's Kingdom:

Saturday, October 13th at AMC Castleton Square Theater 9 at 3:00 PM

Monday October 15th at TOBY at Newfields at 4:45 PM

Wednesday October 17 at AMC Castleton Square Theater 2at 12:00 PM

Everyone can watch the clip below, which is from a road trip and features a book that explains the title of the film.

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