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Web Series "One Bird at a Time" to Launch New Streaming Feature on

Ryan Davis
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Web Series "One Bird at a Time" to Launch New Streaming Feature on

The popular film-discovery site and online community We Are Moving Stories is launching a new feature to support it's mission of amplifying the work of female-led films and projects with a social mission. Beginning October 10, the site will offer exclusive streaming content with a novel payment structure that supports the filmmaker, a nonprofit cause of her choice, and the site itself. 

The first piece of content to be available to stream will be a selection from the series "One Bird at a Time," from Portland filmmaker Darcy Miller. "One Bird at a Time" will stream exclusively at beginning October 10. The comedy/drama series tells the stories of a woman gets in over her head when she singlehandedly tries to help the world. 
Says We Are Moving Stories founder Carmela Baranowska, "We Are Moving Stories is proud to stream Darcy Miller's impressive web series 'One Bird at a Time'. We believe 'One Bird at a Time' is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It will delight and absorb audiences who want to stream a new comedy - and also help to raise much needed cash for worthy causes."
Audiences will be able to watch "One Bird at a Time" via the site's causefunding model, with one-third of their fee going to support the nonprofits POWGirls and p;ear.
About "One Bird at a Time"
Julie (played by director and writer Darcy Miller) and Jeff (Jason Rouse) are your ordinary Portland couple, except do-gooder and lovable neurotic Julie is obsessively driven to help those in need and ends up stumbling through her own misconceptions in the process. As she tries earnestly to help friends and neighbors dealing with issues like homelessness, poverty and mental illness  — yet misses time and again — she has to wonder: is it even possible for one person to make a difference? 

We Are Moving Stories is the world's largest online community for new voices in film. They begin important conversations by connecting new films to solve old problems, and make it easier and faster for organizations, businesses and brands to raise money by streaming new films. The films also empower the supporter and viewer to make a difference--audiences are in a unique position to help fund change and change makers.

One Bird at a Time Trailer - Official from Darcy Miller on Vimeo.

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