Crowdfund This: VIOLET Tackles Sexual Acceptance Through a Horror Lens

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Crowdfund This: VIOLET Tackles Sexual Acceptance Through a Horror Lens

Violet is a female-led, Lynchian horror romance about a young gay woman who labels sexuality as monstrous in the face of social and religious pressures, linking it specifically to vampirism.

For the Irish filmmakers (and fine artists) Chris and Madi, who are currently crowdfunding to complete the short, the film's universal message is one of self-acceptance, but they also hope that Violet's story will raise awareness of LGBT+ issues with a wide audience and create a debate around gay marriage, and why it should be allowed in Northern Ireland.

Violet is executive produced by Stuart Drennan, writer of The Dig, which won "best picture" at the Galway Film Festival 2018.

Siobhan Kelly plays 'Violet' and Emily Lamey plays 'Tanya and both have a wealth of experience. Siobhan appears in Abner Pastoll's upcoming A Good Woman is Hard to Find, was in the play 'Shakespeare's Women' (2017) and played Egil's wife in the TV series Vikings, while Emily starred in the 'U2' music video 'Every Breaking Wave' (2015) which received 4 Nominations at the UK MVA's, as well as the play 'Macbeth' (2017).

Check out the project video below and consider supporting on Indiegogo.

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