Friday One Sheet: THE UNSEEN

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Friday One Sheet: THE UNSEEN

If you quote the columnist on the poster, you get into the poster column. All kidding aside, I was a big fan of Geoff Redknap's The Unseen, a Canuck-indie take on The Invisible Man story, and the quirky original artwork by Andrew Barr, that debuted at the Fantasia Film Festival in 2016.

Here, after Raven Banner picked up the distribution of the film, is a slightly more conventional, dark and brooding take that might be confused, at first glance, with an eco horror or monster picture (along the lines of The Last Winter or The Thing), if it were indeed not for the pull quotes at the top.

A nice touch here is the credit block in the middle of the poster, so translucent (on point with the film's subject matter) so as to be almost invisible.


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