Pretty Packaging: The FOOD WARS Premium Boxset Looks Scrumptious!

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(Bring out your apron for this one... oh wait, it has that covered already!)

Recently some fellow collectors alerted me about the second boxset of Yonetani Yoshitomo's anime Food Wars!, saying it looked outrageous. And indeed it does, but so does the first boxset which was released a few months ago!

The series itself is an adaptation of a popular manga, in which students at a school for chefs are followed, and where they constantly need to excel in the arts of cookery. Both the manga and the anime are popular, and not just for its silly humor with "ecchi" moments, but also for the recipes, which are described in great detail. The "ecchi" elements are in the depictions of people's enjoyment of food, with taste sensations basically making clothes melt or explode off the tasters' bodies.

It's a fun series, and US distributor Section 23 (them again...) has seen fit to release ridiculously over-pimped editions for the first two seasons of it. I'll get back to boxset two once I hold it in my hungry hands, but for now, check out these pics of boxset one!
Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version.

Here it is: a big box, closed with magnets. (Note: as a collector, magnets make me salivate already...)

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