THE HOUSEMAID Exclusive Clip: Do Ghosts Exist?

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THE HOUSEMAID Exclusive Clip: Do Ghosts Exist?

In Derek Nguyen's atmospheric -- and increasingly unsettling -- drama The Housemaid, a young woman is drawn into a world in which ghosts may exist. 

Our exclusive clip sets that up. Nhung Kate has begun working at a rubber plantation in Vietnam in 1953. She appeared quite desperate for work when she arrived, but in the clip, she learns from an older, more experienced worker that the house may hold some spooky surprises for her. 

Watch the clip below. We'll be posting our review shortly but (spoiler!) it's very good.

The Housemaid will open in the U.S. at select theaters and via various Video On Demand platforms on Friday, February 16, all via IFC Midnight

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