THE HEART: Watch The Trailer For Fanni Metelius' Feature Debut

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THE HEART: Watch The Trailer For Fanni Metelius' Feature Debut
Fanni Metelius, previously seen in Ruben Östlund's Force Majeure, will debut her own feature film The Heart at International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Bright Future Competition section. 
More than just an actress in an international hit film Matelius is clearly a quadruple-threat. She directed, wrote, and edited The Heart as well as starring in it, and we are pleased to debut the trailer below.
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The first love. But an invisible conflict, an unnamable shame, stirs between their sheets. An insidious power game is in play, with its rules changing like music beats at the parties in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Ibiza. Behind closed doors and beautifying filters lies a raw reality where Mika’s control over her mind and body is at stake. But Mika rips apart relationship prejudices and explores what really makes our pulses quicken in matters of the modern heart. 
To help get in the headspace of The Heart here is an excerpt of a statement by Metelius about her debut.
The conflict at the core of my movie is a yet unnamed behavior that many in my generation and  recognize and have lived or are living with. It’s incredibly fascinating to hear the reactions so far from other generations and (white) men in general as opposed to the women and men that live the life the movie depicts, the perspectives differ so greatly and I believe this is a sign of this watershed moment in history - a moment brought on by the digital revolution, travel and communications across borders. My vision is to through my craft create a platform for discussion around how novel, especially female, storytelling and autership can convey a more true-to-life experience of how modern relationships and sexual contact take form and also take their toll on our minds, bodies and life choices. It’s all about a power game where the rules are being set as the world changes rapidly around us. What is love? What is true intimacy? And most importantly, what is healthy love and sex actually about?
The world premiere of The Heart is on Monday January 29th in Pathé 7 at 4pm. Subsequent screening will happen on Tuesday 30th in Cinerama 2 at 10:30, on Friday, February 2nd in Pathé 3 at 2:30pm (Sold Out) and on Saturday, February 3rd in the DeDoelen Juriaanse Zaa at 2pm. 
The Heart is repped by M-Appeal for worldwide sales. 
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