Giveaway: Hey New York! Win a Pair of Tickets to Grady Hendrix's Hong-Kong-A-Thon!

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Giveaway: Hey New York! Win a Pair of Tickets to Grady Hendrix's Hong-Kong-A-Thon!
Hey New York! If you are going to be going anywhere on Saturday the 27th you should be at Anthology Film Archives for Grady Hendrix presents the Hong-Kong-a-Thon! 
The show starts at 12:30pm and, as curator Hendrix puts it, "Ends when everybody is dead". The Hong-Kong-a-Thon is a selection of some of the craziest and most bizarre titles that the golden age of Hong Kong cinema had to offer. 
We are giving away a pair of tickets to the whole shebang. Find out how to enter the random draw below.
In the 80’s and 90’s, Hong Kong ruled action cinema and this 12-hour, six film marathon showcases the movies that shot first, hit hardest, kicked highest, took the hardest falls, the biggest jumps, delivered the fastest punches, and left the audience with two smoking holes where their eyeballs used to be.
We're not revealing the titles until they appear onscreen because it’s more fun that way, but rest assured that these six 35mm prints are deep cuts that haven’t played in New York City in at least 18 years. Out of print on DVD, or never available uncut and in their original language, these movies highlight Hong Kong’s approach to action filmmaking, where setpieces were constructed on location, shot by shot, then the movies were screened for rowdy midnight audiences the night before their release, their responses used as a road map for one last edit to remove all the boring parts.
The result is movies that come at you screaming, full of massive, unbelievable stunts, intricate action setpieces, insane characters, surreal comedy, and, in at least two cases, cop flicks where not even small children are safe from taking a bullet in the head. As one character says in the subtitles, these movies are “An inch longer, an inch stronger.” Don’t miss it.
To enter is simple. Send us a screenshot of what you get when you Google, "Most violent Hong Kong movie of all time". You can e-mail us your screenshot here by Friday, January 19th at Midnight PST. You will be entered into a random draw, the winner will be chosen Saturday, January 20th and notified by e-mail. That should give you enough time to decide which of your friends deserves this bundle of crazy on a cold January day. 
The image above does not represent the six films chosen for this year's edition, but are merely indicative of the level of crazy you can expect that day. 
Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, on the corner of Second Avenue and Second Street, NYC) 
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