Anne Curtis Lays Waste In New BUY BUST Promo

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Anne Curtis Lays Waste In New BUY BUST Promo

We've been keeping a close eye on Erik Matti's upcoming Filipino action film Buy Bust for quite some time now and with the film now through principal photography we're starting to be rewarded for our patience with the first proper looks at the film. We had the G rated teaser for the film prepared for screening at the Metro Manila Film Festival earlier and now ... now we get a little something different.

Posted by star Anne Curtis herself on Facebook, this latest offering is very definitely not G rated. She presents it as a new teaser for the film and that's true as far as it goes but also leaves out some context that makes it even more impressive. You see, while this footage has now been incorporated into the finished film it was not shot as part of main photography. No, what this was originally is a single day camera test done to test out the work flow of shooting action, the readiness of the crew, and Curtis herself who had been in training for months by this point and did all of her own fighting and stunt work. And, yeah, she delivers. Big time.

Says Curtis herself of her work here and the fighting arts on display, "this is the beauty of pekiti-tirsia kali --- when you're disarmed of an actual weapon, you can use anything you can find to defend yourself because YOU become the WEAPON."

Check out the reel below! Hopefully we'll get to see ONE FC heavyweight champ Brandon Vera in access in the next one!

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