Head Transplant Leads To Asses Kicked In Victor Vu's LOI BAO

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Head Transplant Leads To Asses Kicked In Victor Vu's LOI BAO

Everyone loves a good origin story, right? That seems to be the general premise behind the structure of the ongoing wave of superhero films and in the quest to come up with a compelling origin Vietnamese director Victor Vu has just come up with a doozy for his upcoming action picture Loi Bao.

There are no capes or tights or superheroes of any sort here. Nope. None of that. What there IS, however, is a man who has his head illegally transplanted on to someone else's body in an illegal and experiemental operation to save his own life and then gains a whole stack of skills and experience when the body turns out to belong to a highly trained killer. So, yeah, it's sort of Face / Off times ten fused to the "ordinary guy with crazy skills" conceit of the first Bourne film and the visual aesthetic of The Man From Nowhere. Or, in other words, a whole lot of, "Fuck, yeah."

The trailer's below, it's got English subtitles, and it's a gooooood time. Check it out.

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