Crowdfund This! Help Send Kelsey Egan's THE BULL To The World!

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Crowdfund This! Help Send Kelsey Egan's THE BULL To The World!

There's a wave of talent cresting in South Africa right now and while the film may be a short what we are able to see of Kelsey Egan's The Bull already makes it clear that it'll make an out sized splash.

What do you get when you combine a cattle farm, a 7-day-old baby, corn chips, a mare about to foal, vegan chicken nuggets, a bull named Snapple, and ambitious filmmakers? Now you can find out! THE BULL is a film about strength, longing, love and shape shifting. Set on an isolated farm, we follow a young woman through the last day of her pregnancy and discover the strange magic interwoven into her reality.

Egan and crew made this film pretty much literally for nothing, purely for love and with the favors of a great many friends. Included among those favors? Access to a horse farm where they took k part in the birth of a new foal and captured it on camera. What expenses couldn't be avoided came out of the writer-director's own pocket and with the film now deep into post they're looking for a bit of help to get it out there into the world. Yep, this crowd fund isn't looking to make the film - that's already pretty much handled, so you'll definitely get to see it - but for help covering submission fees and other costs associated with actually getting it seen.

Need convincing that this thing needs to be seen? Take a look at their fantastic pitch video below - with a decent amount of footage from the short included - and check out the campaign here.

THE BULL Thundafund Campaign from Crave Pictures on Vimeo.

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