Young Love Turns POSESIF In Edwin's Latest

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Young Love Turns POSESIF In Edwin's Latest

Having won international acclaim with his arthouse features Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly and Postcards From The Zoo, single-named Indonesian auteur Edwin takes a turn to more commercially oriented cinema with his upcoming teen drama Posesif.

A story of young love between a national level diver and a new boy at her high school, conflict soon grows - first as the relationship distracts from family and other obligations and then, more notably, as the yong man's attentions become darker and more controlling. So while this is very much meant for a broader audience than the bulk of Edwin's work to this point there's clearly still an edge to it.

Posesif releases on Indonesian screens later this month and while there are no subtitles on the trailer it's still abundantly clear what Edwin is up to here. Take a look below.

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