Don't Let The Rain Wash This ITSY BITSY Campaign Out, One Week to go!

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Don't Let The Rain Wash This ITSY BITSY Campaign Out, One Week to go!
With exactly one week to go in their crowdfunding campaign, the group behind the eight-legged creature feature Itsy Bitsy are halfway to their goal. Have a look at the campaign videos and trailer and consider donating to this practical effects led horror flick. 
What happens when a single mother moves from the big city to the quiet countryside with her two children to start working as a private nurse to an old man stricken with multiple sclerosis? Exactly. Unexpected happens. Especially when the oldest son, 13-year-old Jesse, finds out that a relic owned by the old man contains more than just legends. 
Itsy Bitsy is an old-school creature film. It stars, as the name hints, an ancient and monstrous spider. However, it’s not all about creatures. The story is mixed with character drama, driving all main characters, mainly Kara, our protagonist, to deal not only physical fights with the creature, but also internal fights with themselves and their own tormented pasts.
Itsy Bitsy stars Bruce Davison, Denise Crosby, Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Chloe Perrin & Arman Darbo as well as cameos by Eileen Dietz and Matty Cardarople. Creature Puppeteering & Practical F/X by Dan Rebert Creations, Props & Art Direction by Clint Carney and Poster design by artist Matthew Peak (Nightmare on Elm Street posters)
I am going to be straight up with you folks. I hate, I fucking hate, spiders. It goes back before this incident but when I was a teenager at a part time job I was moving some inventory and a spider came out from the product. My arms full, I could do nothing but watch the little fucker scamper up my arm toward my face. Calmly as I could I turned to a lady beside me, "Ma'am. Ma'am. Could you knock this spider off for me?" We must have shared the same fear because by the time she zeroed in on the culprit he was on my face (MY FACE!!!), she gasped, and slapped the hell out of him, and me.
The little bugger survived. 
Do not let the spiders win. Support Itsy Bitsy through their crowdfunding campaign
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