Toronto 2017: EUTHANIZER, North American Trailer Premiere For Finnish Thriller

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Toronto 2017: EUTHANIZER, North American Trailer Premiere For Finnish Thriller
We know that everyone here in Toronto has been feverishly buying up their tickets for TIFF next week. Before this one falls through the cracks and you kick yourselves for missing it, consider grabbing a seat at one of the screenings of Teemu Nikki's newest film Euthanizer
Screen Anarchy is pleased to premiere the North American trailer for this Finnish thriller. Watch, and perhaps this mix of dark humor, gritty action and neo-nazis getting their comeuppance will convince you to grab the first ticket you can. The world premiere is next Friday, Sept 8th at Scotiabank. 
The Euthanizer, played by Finnish character actor Matti Onnismaa in his first starring role, runs a black-market operation euthanizing people's ailing — and sometimes just unwanted — pets. Each commission also comes with a brutal lecture in which he serves demented wisdom and justice to his unsuspecting clients. From the outset, it's clear that our hero has dark secrets, but it's only when he meets a young nurse (who tends to his catatonic father) and a seedy garage mechanic that his life begins to crack. When a gang of vicious Neo-Nazi thugs terrorize him and he seeks a bloody revenge, things really start to fall apart. 
The public screening schedule at TIFF is,
Fri 8 Sept 9:45PM Scotiabank 4, Public Screening (World Premiere)
Sat 9 Sept 9:45AM TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 3, Public Screening
Sun 17 Sept 9:30PM Scotiabank 14, Public Screening
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