Miike's BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL Red Band Trailer: Sorry, I Got Blood On It

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Miike's BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL Red Band Trailer: Sorry, I Got Blood On It

A new red-band (Not Safe For Work) trailer for Miike Takashi's Blade of the Immortal will slash its way into your bloody heart.

IMiike's 100th film is headed for its North American* U.S. debut at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, which will be held from September 21-28. It's described as an action fantasy epic, based on the Japanese manga series by Samura Hiroaki. It's also got a lot of blood and slashed limbs.

Synopsis: Samurai Manji has taken a lot of lives, both innocent and guilty, and now lives life in feudal Japan as a criminal. After being cursed with immortality until he kills enough evil men, Manji meets a young girl who enlists him to be her body-guard.

Swearing loyalty, protection and vengeance against the group of sword fighters who slaughtered her family, the unlikely duo set on a remarkable quest to make right against those who did them wrong.

The cast includes Kimura Takuya, Sugisaki Hana, Fukushi Sôta, Ichikawa Ebizô, Tanaka Min and Yamazaki Tsutomu.

Via Magnet Releasing, Blade of the Immortal will open in U.S. theaters on November 3. Watch the trailer below -- which features very large subtitles, for the evident benefit of those of us who have impaired vision -- but please bear in mind: NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!

* Updated 9/1: Premiere status corrected, thanks to commenter Pierre Corbeil.

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