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First official trailer of “The Crossbreed” online!

Mert Güner
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First official trailer of “The Crossbreed” online!

Turkish director, executive producer and script writer Biray Dalkiran’s expected first movie in USA which is the nineth of his career; “The Crossbreed”s first official trailer has been revealed.

“The Crossbreed” is an horror thriller movie starring Angela Durazo, Nathan Schellerup, Malinda Farrington and Danny Winn. Cast also includes Katy Bentz, Sofia Domingues, Kristine Hayworth, Krystal Tini, Chad Ayers, Marqus Bobesich, Lou Cariffe, Mignon Farmani, Shaina Schmid, Lidia Pryor and Rina Johnson.

“The Crossbreed” tells the story of a journalist couple researching a mysterious event in a village. Short synopsis says: “Amy wants to secretly abort her baby. Little does she know she is just a pawn in the master plan of the evil's arrival.”

Movie will be in cinemas beginning of November 2017 across world.

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xtheseusxJune 15, 2017 2:17 AM

Holy eff, this trailer is hilarious. Idk what I was expecting, but this looks beyond ridiculous. The "abortion" line is an instant classic though. No wonder it took this guy 9 movies to even get an "English Language Debut"...