THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM Trailer Takes Us to Theatre of Blood

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THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM Trailer Takes Us to Theatre of Blood

One of my favourite films at TIFF 2016, The Limehouse Golem, directed by Juan Carlos Medina and written by Jane Goldman, takes us to the bloody streets and raunchy theatre halls of late 19th century London. Rich in detail and harrowing in suspense, it combines the traditional British murder-mystery with giallo-styled death and mayhem. And now you can get a taste with the first trailer released from Lionsgate.

A serial killer is plaguing the streets of London. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Cree (Olivia Cooke), a former music hall performer, is charged with the murder of her husband. Detective Kildare (Bill Nighy) must tackle both these cases, learning about Elizabeth's strange life, her relationship with fellow performer Dan Leno (Douglas Booth), and the beliefs of the locals of Limehouse that a fabled Yiddish monster is to blame for the killings.

In my review from the festival, I called the film a "Victorian-era tale with an eye for the properly gruesome normally found in Giallo-style film", and the trailer shows off the righness of both the production design, crazy story, and top acting (Nighy and Cooke are wonderful in the film). At the moment, the film is scheduled for release in the UK on September 1st, but hopefully audiences in North America will also be able to see it soon. Check out the trailer below.

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