Have Your Say: What Will The Next ALIEN / PROMETHEUS Film Be About?

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Have Your Say: What Will The Next ALIEN / PROMETHEUS Film Be About?
(Never mind the image, just having a bit of fun...also, BIG SPOILER ALERT!)

While Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant isn't exactly setting the box office on fire, it's also nowhere near as expensive as many of the other "event" films of the past few months. This means it has a pretty good chance of breaking even at least, especially when you add the international market. And as it keeps a big franchise on the map, that's basically an economic win.

So will Ridley get to make a third Prometheus film, continuing the saga of David? The ending of Alien: Covenant sure would allow for it.
In the comments beneath our articles about Alien: Covenant (like Kwenton's review, Matt's editorial, or our team's round-up) we already see plenty of hypothesizing about where Ridley might go with this story. Meld it (even more) with Blade Runner? Directly attach it to the first Alien?

Thinking up the next plotline allows for hope, bug-fixing, sarcasm, satire even. In short: it's fun! So the question of the week is this: what will, or should, or might the next Alien or Prometheus film be about?

Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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