THELMA: First Trailer For Joachim Trier's Supernatural Drama Impresses

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THELMA: First Trailer For Joachim Trier's Supernatural Drama Impresses

Norwegian helmer Joachim Trier burst on to the scene with his 2006 feature debut Reprise and while he has had a tendency to keep audiences waiting a bit since then - sophomore effort Oslo, August 31st arrived five years later and third effort Louder Than Bombs four years after that - he has firmly established himself as one of the premiere talents on the arthouse circuit.

While any new work from Trier is eagerly anticipated, the upcoming Thelma has been moreso than most. Having played firmly to the arthouse set to this point of his career Thelma promises to broaden that audience out a bit while also holding true to Trier's character driven focus. The story here revolves around a young woman whose forbidden romance appears to be awakening supernatural powers within her.

Most observers feel that Thelma is a virtually lock to premiere in Cannes and the perfectly timed arrival of its first trailer over the weekend will only reinforce that belief. As will the obvious quality of what there is to see within that trailer. Cheak it out below!

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