Mike Tyson! Steven Seagal! CHINA SALESMAN!

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Mike Tyson! Steven Seagal! CHINA SALESMAN!

What's this? A Chinese action film featuring the talents of former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson and human oddity Steven Seagal? You betcha! Tan Bing's China Salesman not only features the least action-y title for an action movie ever - about the only thing that could ever beat it would be a Jean Claude Van Damme / Brian Bosworth star vehicle titled Soft Pillow - hits Chinese screens this summer. The story appears to revolve around the increasing Chinese presence in continental Africa, where Chinese interests have been buying up massive infrastructure projects for some time now, with the added value of Tyson punching people and Seagal trying not to look fat.

Check out the first trailer below. I've gotta go write a script for Soft Pillow now ...

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