Exclusive Clip: ZEN DOG, Dreaming Across the Country

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Exclusive Clip: ZEN DOG, Dreaming Across the Country

In our exclusive clip from Zen Dog, a young man finds something that will prove to be extremely valuable.

According to the synopsis: "Trapped by daily routine, a man (Kyle Gallner) experiences complete freedom by dreaming himself across the country in a psychedelic Volkswagen with the guiding words of philosopher Alan Watts."


Watts was a British philosopher who helped popularize Buddhist teachings in the 1950s and 60s. Zen Dog itself is entirely fictional and appears to be more about a man's search for meaning in life -- or at least being open to new experiences that may make life more satisfying. The film was shot on location throughout the U.S.

Zen Dog will screen at the Newport Beach Film Festival in Southern California on Friday, April 21 and again on April 24. See more information about those screenings by clicking here.

Our exclusive clip picks up soon after the man has become "immersed in a new world brought on by lucid dreaming." To learn more about lucid dreaming and the film, watch the clip, as well as the trailer, below.

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