We Are Taking The Scenic Route to a Heist in This Clip From THE MASON BROTHERS

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We Are Taking The Scenic Route to a Heist in This Clip From THE MASON BROTHERS
Come along for a ride in Keith Sutliff's feature film debut The Mason Brothers, a crime thriller inspired by Reservoir Dogs and The Untouchables, apparently. Sutliff's film will premiere at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles on April 11th before it begins a theatrical run on the 14th. We have been given an exclusive clip to share with you this morning. 
The Mason Brothers (is) about a group of outlaws that attempt to reveal their brothers killer from a neighboring gang after being set up during a bank heist.
The clip is from the opening scene of the film. Our gang of bank thieves are making their way into Los Angeles and are clearly up to no good as they check their arsenal. I do love it when they do that, give their guns a good old once over before heading into action. Yep, that's a gun alright. Because nothing says you live life of the edge like checking out your loaded automatic rifle in the ass end of a bumpy van ride. Is the safety on? Pew pew pew! It is now. 
Joking aside, The Mason Brothers is probably one of the last films to capture the iconic Sixth Street Viaduct Bridge before it was torn down to be replaced. 
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Rage72March 8, 2017 12:38 PM

What a lame trailer! I've seen movies on Redbox with more promise..

SarzyMarch 8, 2017 6:30 PM

I stopped watching at the "from visionary director" title card. That's pretty insufferable when actual directors do it, let alone from someone who has literally never directed a movie before.