Exclusive Clip: BEYOND REDEMPTION, Crunchy Fighting and Punchy High-Kicking

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Exclusive Clip: BEYOND REDEMPTION, Crunchy Fighting and Punchy High-Kicking

In a shadowy corridor, one man faces off against several opponents, with only his hands -- and his legs -- to defend himself. Much punching and kicking ensue.

If that translates into good times for you -- and it certainly does for me -- then watch our exclusive clip from Beyond Redemption below. What's that, you say? What's the movie actually about?


Master stuntman Brian Ho (X-Man: Days of Future Past) stars in this action-packed thriller as undercover cop Billy Tong, who infiltrates the inner circle of a powerful gang in order to prove his loyalty to its leader (Don Lew, stunt performer in Star Trek Beyond). Venturing deeper and deeper into Vancouver's seedy underbelly, Billy must maintain his cover if he wants to crack a high-stakes case involving those with dangerous connections to the Triad -- at the risk of losing his own identity and his old life in the process.

Bruce Fontaine directed. The film has been available to watch on digital platforms for the past few weeks, but for those who demand Blu-ray or DVD, tomorrow is your day. More information is available from Well Go USA.

The punchy good clip is conveniently available to watch below.

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