Crowdfund This: In SKYWATCH, Corporations Abuse Their Power

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Crowdfund This: In SKYWATCH, Corporations Abuse Their Power

Updated: Mea culpa. Looks like I misread the Skywatch teaser entirely, according to the filmmakers, and so I apologize to them and to all readers for my misleading original headline and opening paragraphs. To avoid confusion, I have deleted my opening two paragraphs.

I remain firm in my belief that the teaser looks quite good and the project is very promising, so please don't allow my mistake to dissuade you from investigating further. Here's a new description, followed by the remainder of the original post.

Skywatch is "about corporations abusing their power to surveil and control the population and how some kids playing a prank on the girl next door unwittingly stumble into the middle of a massive conspiracy," according to producer Andre Danylevic.

Uriah Shelton and Zach Callison star; Colin Levy directed. The filmmakers are seeking funds to finish a short film with a dual purpose. (Statement below is from the Kickstarter page, linked below).

Skywatch is an original sci-fi short that I've been working on for the past couple years. This project is designed to stand alone as a fun and gripping piece of entertainment, but is also intended to serve as a proof of concept for a mid-range live-action feature. Our goal is to build a world, set a tone, and introduce characters that could form the foundation of a compelling feature film.

The Kickstarter project is off to a good start. Read more about the project here. And check out the teaser trailer below.

SKYWATCH: Teaser Trailer from Colin Levy on Vimeo.

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