Brian Lonano Transforms The BFF GIRLS!

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Brian Lonano Transforms The BFF GIRLS!

Geeky girls turned Japanese superheroes to battle an evil tampon monster? What's not to like about that, right? Particularly when it comes from the crazed mind of Crow Hand director Brian Lonano! Behold the madness of BFF Girls!

A new short film from the makers of "Gwilliam" and "The Stylist." "B.F.F. Girls" pays homage to super hero shows like Sailor Moon and Power Rangers...only these dorky American girls transform into beautiful Japanese girls and battle a tampon monster! We want to make a film that's completely fun, weird and shows the beauty of friendship. Full of beautiful costumes and dazzling special effects, contributions will fund our film and donors rewarded with stickers, toys and more!

“B.F.F. Girls” is the newest short film from Brian Lonano, the award-winning director of “CROW HAND!!!” and “Gwilliam.”  The film is written by Brian Lonano and Victoria Cook (co-writer of Gwilliam) and will be produced by Lonano along with Blake Myers and Jill Gevargizian, known for her popular short films "Call Girl" and "The Stylist."

Lonano has been a huge favorite around these parts for ages and this looks like vintage stuff from him. Excited? You bet. He's currently running a crowd funding campaign over at IndieGoGo to raise the production budget of the film and you can support that here - I've already thrown my money into the pot - and check out his pitch video, which includes early test footage, below!

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