Rotterdam 2017: Trailer For SEXY DURGA Hints at the Darkness Within

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Rotterdam 2017: Trailer For SEXY DURGA Hints at the Darkness Within

Among the titles competing for the International Film Festival of Rotterdam's (IFFR) prestigious Tiger award is Sanal Kumar Sasidharan's Sexy Durga. The film recently won an award at India's NFDC Film Bazaar and Sasidharan's previous film, 2016's An Off-Day Game was one of the critical favorites of 2016 in his native Kerala. Sasidharan is now poised to make an even bigger splash with the movement onto the international scene that IFFR is providing.

According to IFFR's synopsis:

Goddess or whore? Two extreme views of women intermingle in this largely improvised spine-chiller. During a nocturnal ride, a young woman and her lover encounter a cross-section of Indian male society. What starts out as an attempt to escape descends into a journey through hell – from which no escape is possible.

I've seen Sexy Durga, and whatever you think it may be about from that synopsis, it is about so much more. Sasidharan's third feature is a fascinating look at the oppressive culture faced by Indian women and the dangers they pose to everyone. Sexy Durga released their first trailer last week and it's pretty good, but I can't wait for people to see the full film.

Sexy Durga has its world premiere this Friday, January 27. 

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