QUALITY TIME: A Slice Of Arthouse Oddity In Trailer For Rotterdam Selected Film

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QUALITY TIME: A Slice Of Arthouse Oddity In Trailer For Rotterdam Selected Film

Here's the thing about the International Film Festival Rotterdam and why it's one of our favorites. While skewing very definitely towards the arthouse end of the spectrum (which is not at all a bad thing) they also have a very embracing attitude towards weird arthouse. Those peculiar sorts of films that mess with genre conventions in ways that tend to confuse arthouse audiences the way that arthouse films tend to confuse genre audeinces? Yeah, those are typically Rotterdam films. And director Daan Bakker appears to have cooked up a strange one in Quality Time.

A film about life in general and troubled men in particular

Koen attends a family reunion and nearly overdoses on ham and milk. Amateur photographer Stefaan takes an awkward trip down on memory lane. Kjell travels back in time in an attempt to raise his self-esteem. Karel is abducted by aliens and comes back as a mutant. Jef‘s paranoia get in the way when he tries to impress his new in-laws.

Yeah, you read that right. And some of the aforementioned aliens and mutants are on display - albeit briefly - in a very compelling trailer for the film. Check it out below!

Trailer Quality Time from PUPKIN FILM on Vimeo.

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