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Berlin Independent Film Festival announces exciting 2017 line-up

Jerome Morrow
Berlin Independent Film Festival announces exciting 2017 line-up

The BIFF team is running another fantastic festival of independent filmmaking from February 9-15 and just announced their exciting line-up. The eclectic programme of international features and shorts will be presented in one of Berlin’s favourite independent cinemas, the Babylon. Highlights of the 2017 festival include the UK-German thriller Red by Branko Tomovic, Why Siegfried Teitelbaum Had to Die by Axel Steinmüller (Germany), Seat in Shadow by Henry Coombes (UK, Spain), Jasmine by Dax Phelan (USA, Hong Kong), and To Keep The Light by Erica Fae (USA).

The complete line-up of features and shorts for the 2017 edition can be found on their freshly launched website:
The Berlin Independent Film Festival is at the epicentre for low-budget filmmaking in Europe. While the Berlin Independent Film Festival is not connected with the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale), BIFF runs at the same time, and not far from the European Film Market and draws on all the film industry power gathered in Berlin for those events.
As well as a offering plenty of screening opportunities for indie films, BIFF is developing into a crucial business hub for the low-budget film industry. BIFF hosts workshops and networking social events where attending filmmakers help each other out with marketing advice and EFM tips.
With an emphasis on showcasing new filmmakers achieving great things with tiny budgets, BIFF’s exciting programme of films and events combines a commitment to indie filmmaking ideals with a solid understanding of their potential in the marketplace.


Wednesday Feb 8:

Opening Night Party: 21:00 til late

at AG Foundation aka Griffin Bar
Invalidenstr 151 Berlin 10115
DJ Task spins jazz

Thursday Feb 9

Shorts Block 1: (starts 18:00) (75m)

Dirt by Paul Emmerich
Imperative Shift – Fukushima by Yoko Kubota
Imaginary Novels Volume 1 by Nancy Gifford
MetalMonkey by Robert Fuhrmann
The Land of Nod by Ivan Ramin Radnik
Kessi Blue by Jasmin Marsters
Roxy by Fabien Colas

Shorts Block 2: (starts 20:00) (75m)

In Everyone’s Eyes by Lloyd Frost
Love, Nature by Sophia Glänzer
A Beautiful Mess by Shahir Zag
Bar à Vin by Dmitrijs Fjodorovs
Berning Love by The George Washington University Documentary Center – Graduate students
Mister Mex – Mama by Julian Spillner
Love by Nicolai Tegeler
Station Mythah by Sahba Keihani

Feature Film: (starts 22:00)
The Uncertainty Has Settled by Marijn Poels

Friday Feb 10

Shorts Block 3: (starts 18:00) (75m)

Lost Angel Less by Kantarama Gahigiri
Red by Branko Tomovic
The Bridge by Cindy Iodice
Black Mountain by Nicholas Mockridge & Lilja Rupprecht
Girl, Wavering by Noriko Yuasa

Shorts Block 4: (starts 20:00) (75m)

Perfect Love by Darius Etemadieh
Fever by Jason Snell
Kiss of Death by Timothy Collins, Jillian Kibler
The Drover’s Boy by Margaret McHugh
Oaks & Willows by Tatjana Green, Nazar Melconian
Thousand Masks by Kimiko Otaka
You Don’t Disturb Me by Melanie Langpap

Feature Film: (starts 22:00)
Why Siegfried Teitelbaum Had to Die by Axel Steinmüller

Saturday Feb 11

Feature Film: (starts 18:00)
Seat in Shadow by Henry Coombes

Shorts Block 5: (starts 20:00) (75m)

Der Weg Zurück by Jörg Wohnsiedler
Trinity of Decay by James Quinn
Analogie by Lukas Kunzmann
Krampus by Christof Pilsl
Bad Habits by Emilios Avraam

Feature Film: (starts 22:00)
Timeless by Alexander Tuschinski

Tuesday Feb 14

Feature Film: (starts 18:00)
Jasmine by Dax Phelan

Shorts Block 6: (starts 20:00) (75m)

Rebecka, Portrait of a Mother by Federico Cafaro
Kid Gloves by Julia Hart
Krump by Johannes Ziegler
Twin Stars by Mehmet Tığlı
West Side Swordy by Dan Liu

Feature Film: (starts 22:00)
To Keep The Light by Erica Fae

Wednesday Feb 15

Horror Shorts Block 7: (starts 18:00) (75m)

Blight by Brian Deane
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Johannes Kizler, Nik Sentenza
Evil Rising by Savion Smith
Foxglove by Brian Deane
Metamorphosis by Elaine Xia
The Call of Charlie by Nick Spooner

Shorts Block 8: (starts 20:00) (75m)

The King by Frederic Casella
More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History by Ira Schneider
Shattered by Arne Kasten
Smart by Ian Wood

Feature Film: (starts 22:00)
Virtual Revolution by Guy-Roger Duvert



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