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An exciting world première at the Berlin Independent Film Festival.

An exciting world première at the Berlin Independent Film Festival.

The Uncertainty Has Settled by Marijn Poels arrives, after eight months of work, in cinema. It will celebrates his world premiere during the Berlin Independent Film Festival on February 9th in the Babylon cinema in Berlin center.  BIFF has been successfully attracting visitors and participants since 2009 and has become an important hub for independent indie filmmaking worldwide. The Uncertainty Has Settled is one of the exciting films at BIFF, due to the topicality heated debate on climate and energy.

The 90 minutes film is opening up a controversial discussion with the audience. In a personal journey Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels, based in Berlin, gets confronted with agriculture and its perspective in modern times. Farmers have become energy suppliers and climate policies are leaving a radical mark to the local agriculture. Are we doing the right thing?

One thing is sure. After watching this film the debate will be heated up!       

Poels, as an environmental activist, questioning his own ideology and therefore visiting different critical academic scientists throughout the world. Balancing between the big controversial scientific dogmas of climate and energy. Without claiming a truth the film clearly sends a message that politics and media are influencing the mainstream debate. Leaving no room for a healthy debate.  

The makers of this film decided to finance the film by their selves without external funding to avoid politics, propaganda and opinion makers.

The Uncertainty Has Settled will be screened twice at BIFF in the category feature films. February 9th at 22.oo and February 12th at 18.00. Filmmaker Marijn Poels will be present during both screenings for Questions and Answers. One thing is sure. After watching this film the debate will definitely heated!
Adres: Babylon Berlin - Rosa-Luxemburg-str. 30, 10178  Berlin

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