DARKLAND: Watch The Fantastic New Trailer For Danish Vigilante Film

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DARKLAND: Watch The Fantastic New Trailer For Danish Vigilante Film

The world may not look at Dar Salim quite the same way ever again. Though you may not know his name you certainly know Salim's face if you've been paying any attention at all to Danish cinema over the past decade as the versatile actor has been on an incredible run over the past decade, establishing himself not only as the region's leading go-to option when they need an actor of Middle Eastern descent but one of the area's most reliable supporting actors, period, regardless of the origin of the character. With key parts in high profile series such as Borgen and The Bridge through to high profile films such as A Hijacking and A War you can't really take a run through recent Danish film without tripping over Salim at some point. And it's pretty much always a good thing when you find him. Hell, he even had a pretty significant - albeit hard to recognize, given that he had hair - part on Game Of Thrones.

But the thing with Salim is that he has, until this point, pretty much always been cast in supporting parts only and never given the chance to carry a lead. That changes with Darkland (Underverden). Salim plays a wealthy, successful doctor who has left his working class origins behind until his younger brother is killed in gang related violence. Finding no help from the police who see little beyond the race of his slain brother the surviving doctor dives into an dark odyssey of vigilante justice.

We shared the first teaser for Fenar Ahmad's feature back when it came out and were already quite impressed by that. But that first teaser has now been followed by a full trailer and, well, damn. This is slick, stylish, edgy stuff of the highest order. Ahmad is clearly a significant talent behind the camera while Salim delivers a compelling physical presence. This simply looks great. Check it out below.

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