Crowdfund This: A MESSAGE FROM THE TEMPLE Chronicles The Rise And Fall Of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

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Crowdfund This: A MESSAGE FROM THE TEMPLE Chronicles The Rise And Fall Of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth has been convened in order to act as a catalyst and focus for the Individual development off all those who wish to reach inwards and strike out. Maybe you are already one of these, already feeling different, dissatisfied, separate from the mass around you, instinctive and alert? You are already one of us. The fact that you have this message is a start in itself.

One of the most compelling strange fusions of punk rock ethos and Satanic Panic era provocation, there is an argument to be made that Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth could not have ended any way other than how it did. Conceived and propogated as a sort of anti-cult with its message delivered through the music of experimental music act Psychic TV, the Temple provoked a furor in its time - a furor that eventually led to investigations from the Scotland Yard and massive public outcry. And now the rise and fall of the Temple is being chronicled in a new film by Sundance alum Jacqueline Castel.

A MESSAGE FROM THE TEMPLE is the first authorized documentary about Thee Temple Of Psychick Youth (years 1981-1991), tracing its influences and inception to its dramatic downfall and enduring legacy. 

Told with unprecedented access through the eyes of its members, collaborators, and persecutors via contemporary interviews, personal archives, and historical accounts from the mainstream media, A MESSAGE FROM THE TEMPLE will provide an intimate portrait of the artists, occultists, and rock stars that surrounded Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth.

It is our belief as filmmakers that stories such as this must be told if human history is to survive, progress, or have any meaning whatsoever.

Whiel the process fo gathering interviews and footage is already underway - see the trailer below for an example of what is to come - the filmmakers have launched a crowd funding campaign to help defray the costs of what will surely be one fascinating bit of work. I've already thrown my money into the pot, head over here for more details and to support it yourself!

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