The Dutch Camera Japan Festival 2016 Reveals Its Programme!

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The Dutch Camera Japan Festival 2016 Reveals Its Programme!
Alex Oost is the director of Camera Japan, a Rotterdam-and-Amsterdam-based festival which highlights Japanese culture, food, music... but most of all: films! And yesterday, Alex put the following message on his Facebook page:
I wonder if we ever managed to put the full programme up so much in advance, but here it is. Very pleased with the programme, and yes, I might be a wee bit biased.
Well, biased or not, there sure is a lot to see, hear, eat and drink (there's a sake-tasting event!) again. And a lot of fun will probably be had as well, as the festival's theme this year is "Japanese Comedy", with live acts present.

But film will always be the festival's main attraction, and there are some great titles here, from Assassination Classroom: Graduation to Creepy, from Miss Hokusai (helpfully marked with #anime) to Hentai Kamen 2: The Abnormal Crisis (helpfully marked with #weirdo).

The festival will start on the fifth of October with its Rotterdam-leg, and finish in Amsterdam on the 19th. Check out the full line-up here, and we'll be posting a recommendations gallery soon!

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